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Welcome to Alaska Technical. Here you will find information regarding our training, consulting, and NDT Level III services. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used in a wide range of industries across the world including, Petrochemical, Marine, Aviation, infrastructure, rail and aerospace.

We can provide training at your location or you can attend our scheduled courses. We provide training in the following methods:

  MT (Magnetic Particle Testing)   UT (Ultrasonics Testing)
  PT (Penetrant Testing)   VT (Visual Testing)
  RT (Radiography Testing)   ET (Eddy Current Testing)
  MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage)   RTFI (Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation)
  VBT (Vacuum Box Testing)    

Please Note:
We are updating our class dates.
Please come back soon.

Courses Currently Available

Alaska TechnicalOther courses we teach include: Basic Corrosion, Basic Metallurgy, Basic Level III, MT, PT and VT Level III prep courses and 40 hour Radiation Safety (ASNT IRRSP Exam Preparation).

In addition to NDT training, Alaska Technical provides auditing and assessment to confirm compliance with written practices, quality management systems (QMS). We can produce NDT written practices, procedures and exams as well as administer exams. Our training and services meet requirements of ASNT TC1A and CP-189. All curriculum is in compliance with ASNT CP-105.

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